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Comfort Keepers® assisted living Gainesville FL takes a distinct approach to caregiving that can help provide a healthier, safer, more fulfilling life for your loved one in his or her  home. We call this Interactive Caregiving.

cooking Comfort Keepers® assisted living Gainesville FL has been serving families for more than 11 years, drawing on our experience and expertise to provide care using our Interactive Caregiving™ approach. 

Through Interactive Caregiving, our caregivers, whom we refer to as Comfort Keepers®, identify opportunities to turn daily activities into  opportunities for engagement with the seniors in their care. They base their engagement and interactions on the interests and abilities of their clients.

What’s the Comfort Keepers’ Difference?

Interactive Caregiving is a multidimensional approach, focusing on mind, body, nutrition, and safety, that goes beyond typical companion care services and helps seniors live independently in their own homes longer. Our trained care coordinators meet personally with seniors and their families to tailor care plans that are based on the senior’s needs, personalities, hobbies, and interests. Assisted Living Gainesville FL focuses on and look for ways to enhance those areas through Interactive Caregiving:

  • Mind: Mental exercises and engagement help with overall wellbeing. Our caregivers look for ways to invigorate seniors through conversation, reminiscing, storytelling, puzzles, crafts, art, and other activities of interest.
  • Body: Physical activity can help seniors maintain flexibility, balance, range of motion, and muscle tone, which are important for independent living. Comfort Keepers help seniors stay physically active by accompanying them on walks, helping them with physical exercises, or driving them to physical therapy or exercise classes. They ensure that the activities they engage in with seniors are appropriate for the seniors’ health and physical abilities.
  • Nutrition: Our Comfort Keepers encourage seniors to eat healthy and follow doctor-prescribed diets. They assist through meal planning and preparation to help their clients eat well-balanced, nutrient-rich diets.
  • Safety: Comfort Keepers can provide home assessments and offer guidance on home modifications that can make the home safer for seniors.  We also offer technology solutions, such as Personal Emergency Response Systems, fall detectors, and other monitoring devices to help seniors in the event of an emergency.

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